Here at Aus-Secure, we’re dedicated to providing your homes and offices in the Perth Metro and Mandurah with beautiful, easy-to-use roller shutter windows. Not only will our high-performance shutters provide a greater level of security for your property, but they’ll also protect your home or commercial premises, insulating from both heat and cold, darkening rooms, or allowing filtered light to penetrate.


Hate dust? Live on the coast and sick of sweeping and vacuuming up sand? Keep storms, wind and all the elements at bay with window shutters from Aus-Secure. Window shutters provide insulation and protection from heat, light, and weather elements, but also act as an invaluable protective layer of security and privacy to your property. At Aus-Secure, we’ve been manufacturing and installing window roller shutters in the Perth metro and Mandurah area – to the highest possible standard – for over 30 years.

Why install window shutters?

Intruders and thieves are kept out

Aus-Secure’s window roller shutters are built sturdy and durable in order to keep thieves and intruders out. With our window shutters, your home gets an added layer of protection. Sleep easier at night and when away on holidays knowing your windows are secure and intruders and thieves are locked securely out.

Your home is given a layer of added insulation

Our window roller shutters feature insulation material inside each shutter slat, plus a pocket of air trapped between the shutter and the window that provides double insulation against the harsh Australian climate. This means that with our window shutters installed, you can say goodbye to the unforgiving heat in the summer, or retain warmth inside your home during the winter.

Your privacy is ensured

Unless you’re a star in a reality TV show, you don’t necessarily want your day-to-day chores broadcasted to the world. Aus-Secure’s window roller shutters can provide you with extra privacy, without having to close your window completely. Closing them completely gives you visual and audible privacy, thanks to their insulation benefits which also reduces noise pollution from outside by up to 50%. These perks make our window shutters ideal for homes in busy traffic and work areas.

Aus-Secure is the leading provider of home security products in the Perth Metro area and Mandurah. Call us today to enquire about our window roller shutters and to learn more about our complete range of quality security products and electrical services.



Along with all the practical benefits of our affordable window roller shutters, they can significantly add to the look and character of your property, as well as enhance the value of your home.

The insulation material inside each shutter slat, together with the pocket of air trapped between the roller shutter and the window, act as a double insulation against our extreme climate. When you choose Aus-Secure window shutters, up to 90% of the summer heat is prevented from penetrating, with similar performance for retaining heat inside the house in winter.

By closing the window roller shutters completely, you can also benefit from visual and audible privacy. The insulation inside the roller shutters deadens sound and reduces noise by up to 50%. What’s more, small, neat and tidy head boxes keeps the shutters in a nice tidy roll and out of sight when open.