Why Alarms and Security Cameras Are Not Enough to Keep Your Home Safe

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Alarm systems and security cameras are often considered to be the two of the most effective deterrents against burglars. However, far too many homeowners make the mistake of investing in these two security systems, and then calling it a day.  

Whilst alarm systems and security cameras have each proven themselves useful at discouraging break-in attempts, what are you meant to do when a more brazen thief comes along and decides to target your home? The truth of the matter is, alarm systems and security cameras are only there to watch over your property. They won’t suddenly spring to life, ready to defend your premises if some bold criminal decides they want to break into your home anyway.  

Now, don’t get us wrong- alarm systems are a fundamental part of any security system, and security cameras are excellent for providing you with peace of mind, alerts and solid, video footage evidence to be used later on in court. But if you want to secure your home properly and give it the highest level of protection possible, they’re simple not enough on their own. 

If you want to increase your home security further, consider pairing the following home security solutions with your alarm system and security cameras:

Security Doors and Screens

Genuine security doors and screens are made according to strict Australian Standards. In order to meet these standards, these structures are required to pass a variety of common forced entry attempts, including knife attacks, lever attacks and forceful impacts. 

Security doors and screens paired with alarm systems and security cameras make for a highly effective combo. Imagine this; a burglar makes an attempt to break into your home through your doors and windows. But since you have security doors and screens installed over them, it’s going to make their job significant harder (thus, take them longer). The prime purpose of these structures is to secure your home’s vulnerable entryways and buy yourself time to respond to an invasion attempt. So, by the time a burglar has managed to get past your security screens, you would’ve already been alerted by your security cameras, and had help dispatched to the location.

When it comes to choosing your security doors and screens, be sure to go for customised, Australian-made products rather than imported, prefabricated structures. These will be much more likely to withstand and last against the harsh Australian climate. Furthermore, they’ll fit over your home’s entry points far more comfortably.  

Additional Sensors

Your standard alarm system will generally come with a set number of motion sensors. However, it pays to invest in more, especially if you’ve got a large area to cover. Aside from this, it’s also worth investing in other types of sensors, such as glass break sensors and door/window sensors. Door/window sensors are used to detect when a door or window is opened, whereas glass break sensors are designed to monitor sound or vibrations. These guarantee to take your average alarm system to the next level. 

Third-Party Monitoring Service

If you’re far too busy to be watching over your home via your mobile device, then you’ll definitely appreciate the option of a third-party monitoring service. You can probably guess what this service comprises of already; you pay for a third-party to monitor your security cameras or alarm system, and if they notice any suspicious activity, they’ll be the ones to dispatch help to your location right away. This is an especially useful service if you’re going away on holiday, and want to focus on enjoying the moment rather than switching back and forth between your security camera footage. 

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