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When we think about what we value the most, most of us will place our families at the top of the list. So in valuing the wellbeing and safety of loved ones, it is only natural that one invests in a great home security system. The benefits of which go beyond securing your house.

Here at Aus-Secure, we are dedicated to helping our clients achieve their goals for home security. That is why we’ve listed a number of advantages that they can enjoy when investing in a good security system. Keep reading for tips on getting the most out of a residential alarm system.

Secure your Family’s Peace of Mind

One cannot deny the fact that it’s a dangerous world out there with houses being broken into every minute of day. Home burglaries can be traumatising and the effects can remain for a lifetime.

Your home is your safe haven. Uncertainty and danger are two things that your family shouldn’t feel inside your house. It is true that alarm systems do not guarantee 100% security. However, installing one can make a huge difference to your safety. Having immediate contact with authorities during a burglary or a fire can save lives.

Protect your Possessions

We spend most of our waking hours working to provide for our family. We work hard for what we buy and it can be devastating to have them taken away from us and destroyed in one night. Sentimental items like that last piece of jewellery that your grandmother gave you before she died or that mobile phone filled with photos and videos of a loved one who has passed away – can never be replaced.

By installing a reliable security system, you can prevent burglaries from happening and protect your family and valuable contents in your home. Remember that the trauma of having your security violated can last for years. It is better to protect than to be regretful in the end.

Someone can Monitor your Home for Fire

Smoke alarms are a legal requirement and obviously an investment in your home and safety. In case you forgot to turn off the stove, you will be alerted immediately so that you can prevent a fire from happening. However, what will happen if no one is at home and the smoke alarm goes off? What if no one hears the smoke alarm?

Well, to prevent scenarios like these, you can have an alarm system that is connected to a monitoring company. In this case, if no one is at home, and even if you are, the fire department is called immediately on your behalf.

Get Emergency Medical Assistance

There are elderly homeowners who live alone and suffer from certain medical conditions. There are security systems which can be equipped with medical emergency features. Owners can connect it to a pendant they wear so that when necessary, they can have a medical team immediately dispatched to their home.

Remotely Monitor your Home

When you go away for a vacation or business trip, you needn’t worry about your home if you’ve surveillance cameras installed.  Connect to the internet and you can access your property remotely. This means that you can monitor activities in your house even if you are miles and miles away.

Have a Visual Documentation of the Crime

Typically, it only takes about 8 to 12 minutes for burglars to accomplish their goal. That’s quite often less time than it takes for the police to arrive. On the other hand, it’s rattling for burglars to hear your alarm’s blaring siren and know that the police are just a few moments away. Aside from that, if you have a surveillance camera, you can use the recording as visual documentation of the crime. You can use this as evidence in a criminal prosecution later on.

Increase your Home’s Value

As we’ve previously mentioned, the benefits of having a security system go beyond safety. Replacing your countertops, enhancing the bathroom or adding an outdoor kitchen can be considered as improvements that increase your property’s value. Installing a security system can be considered as an improvement to your home, adding real value.

Get Lower Insurance Premiums

If you can improve your home’s security, you can quite often lower home and contents insurance premiums. By having a security system installed in your house, you are protecting your home against burglaries. It goes without saying that insurance companies will consider your house as less of a risk and therefore lower your insurance premium.

Deter Break-In Attempts with other Security Features

Aside from installing alarm systems, there are also other means to increase the security of your home. Petty thieves use basic tools for breaking into homes. When they see that you have a security door installed, they will simply think that their efforts are useless and just walk away. If you combine a reliable security alarm with a sturdy security door, then it is most likely that burglars will bypass your house on their hit list.

To maximise the security of your home, you can also install security screens on your windows or doors. Here at Aus-Secure, we offer security screens that have passed knife shear and impact tests to Australian Standards assuring that your home and family receives the protection it needs.

For optimum security, check out Aus-Secures useful tips on improving your home security.


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