What are the Top Maintenance Needs for your Security Screens in Perth?

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After investing into one of the high-quality security screens Perth residents recommend, you’d want to ensure that it remains looking and functioning perfectly on your property for many years to come. The best way to do this is by keeping on top of your screens’ maintenance needs, seeing that it receives sufficient care and in turn, prolonging its life, preserving its good looks and ensuring that it is capable of reaping all the practical benefits it was designed to do.

In this article, we will be discussing some of the most crucial maintenance needs you’ll need to consider for the security screens on your property.

Proper Cleaning

It’s important that you clean your security screens from time to time to ensure that they can both look and function in their top condition. As your security screens are constantly being exposed to the harsh elements of the outside world, they can become clogged with dirt and debris over time. This can block the amount of light flow entering into your home via your security screen, but also impair your clarity of vision when looking through the screen. Consequently, your screen will begin to look unsightly. What’s more, built-up grime that is left untouched will likely begin to damage it over time. It’s especially important to regularly clean your security screens if you live somewhere near the coast, where your screen will be highly exposed to the ocean salt. If not maintained properly, your screen will corrode at a much faster rate.

Checking for Indications of Tampering or Forced Entry

It doesn’t hurt to give your security screen a little inspection every now and again. When you take the time to check your door for any signs of damage or tampering, you can identify issues as quickly as possible and ensure that they can be resolved in an effective and efficient manner. Failure to do so may leave your security door much more vulnerable to potential intruders, who may begin their break-in attempt on one occasion, only to return later on with the intent on finishing the job.


If you’ve found that the mesh on your security screen has been damaged or is beginning to deteriorate, it’s imperative to seek out a home security specialist who can provide you with re-meshing services for your security screen or fit your door with a new screen altogether. Failure to address this issue could potentially lead to dirt, debris and pests successfully entering your household, preventing your security screen from successfully serving its purpose.

Time for a Replacement?

Maintaining your security screens in the correct way will ensure that you can get the most out of your investment. However, if your screen is seeming beyond repair, then it might be high time you start searching for a suitable upgrade. Replacing your worn-out security screen with a much newer, reliable and recently developed product will ensure that your property has that extra layer of security that can sometimes make all the difference.

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At Aus-Secure, we provide a wide range of security screens Perth residents can turn to when they’re looking to receive benefits such as pest control, additional security, protection from the elements and aesthetic appeal, among many others. If you’re having issues maintaining your current security screen, you can always turn to us and seek the best maintenance advice there is to offer. Alternatively, if you’re thinking your security screen is looking a little beyond repair, you can turn to us and we will provide you with a brand-new screen that will be custom made to fit your door perfectly, enhancing the look of your property immensely.

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