Tips on Securing Your Driveway

There are plenty of CCTV clips online showing people pulling into their driveways and getting surrounded by criminals in a matter of seconds. Most of the time, robbers use the driveway as a point of entry when committing residential crimes. It is also alarming to find that 60% of all the crimes recorded by Australian police have to do with unlawful entry with intent, motor vehicle theft, and other forms of dwelling robberies. Now, more than ever, it’s important for us to take measures in protecting and securing our homes.

Your Driveway Is an Easy Target

If you have an open driveway where you park your vehicles, thieves are going to be more likely to target your property. They may not get inside your home, but they can still steal your cars. One of the best ways to prevent your driveway from becoming an easy target is by installing a gate. By doing so, you can stop uninvited pedestrians and vehicles from accessing the area. If you want to ensure maximum security, we recommend installing an automatic driveway gate. Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy from implementing such a product:

You Can Set Up an Outdoor Lounge

Perhaps you’ve always dreamt about having an outdoor lounge, but you’re not confident enough that the area is secure. You may even find it difficult to get creative with your choices because you’re worried that getting expensive furniture may only attract thieves. Well, with an automatic driveway gate, you can create excellent protection for all your outdoor furniture. Such a significant obstacle would deter robbers because they would have to get the bulky, heavy furniture over your fence or gate before they can steal it.

Protect Your Family

Installing a fence around your property will provide you with a good level of protection. However, you will feel more secure when you add an automatic driveway gate. Your gate will prevent wild animals from getting into your property and harming your kids or pets. Since only those who have access to the remote can open the gate, you can also feel more comfortable about your children and pets roaming around in the front yard. They won’t be able to open the gate and leave the property on their own.

Keep Your Vehicles Secure

Some people park their car in the garage. However, for those who own multiple vehicles, they may leave one or two in the driveway. As we’ve mentioned, an open driveway can be enticing for thieves. When you install a gate, you will deter burglars from targeting your cars. Aside from that, a vehicle parked in an open driveway is still at risk of being hit by passing vehicles. If a drunk driver recklessly drives onto your property, your gate will act as a barrier that will protect your car.

Keep Unwanted Visitors Out

You may be worried about the inconvenience of having to let friends and loved ones inside once you install a driveway gate. However, an excellent work around here is to get an automatic gate with a keypad access system. You can give the code out to your friends and family, allowing them convenient access to your property whenever they come around. Aside from that, your driveway gate will also prevent salespeople and other unwanted visitors from disturbing you.

Other Ways to Reinforce Your Driveway Security

Whether you own a business or you’re finding effective ways to secure your driveway, installing a CCTV system will help to reinforce your security. You can equip the system with IP cameras, day and night vision cameras, vandal-proof cameras, and other accessories. Here at Aus-Secure, we can give you the freedom to choose from a range of customisations, including the following:

Intercoms – If you want added security for your driveway, install an intercom along with your automatic gate. In this way, you would not have to go out to check out who’s visiting your property. With an intercom, you can communicate with people outside without letting them into your home or office.

You can opt for an audio intercom which allows you to verify the identity of visitors via voice communication. With the simple press of a button, you can either grant or deny them access to your property. On the other hand, you can also opt for a video intercom. With this system, our team will install one unit at the gate and another one inside your property. The outdoor unit will have a camera, a speaker, and a push-button. So, once you press a button on the indoor unit, you will be able to see the visitor’s face and even talk to them without going out.

At Aus-Secure, we offer various types of automatic driveway gates. You can choose from either sliding or hinged gate motors. What’s more, we also provide an extensive array of powder-coated options. So, you are always sure to find a style that will suit your property.

If you want to secure your driveway the right way, contact Aus-Secure now. We will show you the perfect range of options to suit your needs and budget more accurately. Moreover, we will give you an obligation-free quote!