reliable smoke detector installation service contractor FOR YOUR HOME OR BUSINESS PROPERTY

Looking for a reliable smoke detector installation service contractor? The last thing you want to happen when you’re cooking or performing a seemingly harmless task that involves a little heat or electricity is to set your property on fire.

Getting a smoke detector installed in your home is not only a prime safety concern for owners and occupants, but it’s also a legal requirement. Laws, with hefty penalties for non-compliance, aim to protect the lives of every resident by creating safer homes. Did you know that the type, positioning and interconnectedness of smoke alarms are all crucial to ensuring how effective a smoke alarm is in alerting people to the presence of a fire?

At Aus-Secure, we offer smoke detector installation to help secure your home, business or rental property from spreading fire. Where there’s smoke there’s quite often fire, and during a fire the first danger is smoke inhalation.

Aus-Secure provides a complete range of electrical services throughout the Perth metro area and Mandurah. Whether it’s installing Smoke Detectors, RCD’s, or Ceiling Exhaust Fans, our team of highly qualified licensed electricians will see the job is completed on time and within your budget.

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