ClearShield stainless steel security screens’ unique and appealing qualities give you peace of mind that your family and property are safe behind a reputable security screen. Made from only the highest quality materials and designed to meet existing standards, it is a strong and lasting solution that’s perfect for homeowners in Mandurah and the Perth metro area.

There are a number of reasons why Clearshield stainless steel security screens are perfect for you:

Reliability. Clearshield stainless steel security screens are designed to deliver. They are effective at keeping common threats out and protecting your home. Not only are they made from the best materials, they have also been extensively tested beyond the requirements of the Australian Standards and have achieved outstanding results every time.

Convenience.If you want to maximise the security of your home, you can pair these stainless steel security screens with Clearshield stainless steel security doors. Both are made with the same technology and signature attention to detail that makes ClearShield the trusted name for security doors and screens.

Looks. ClearShield stainless steel security screens are made-to-measure, colour matched to suit your home, and provide a very stylish, modern look to any property in Perth Metro and Mandurah.

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ClearShield’s exit screen is made to enable the occupants of a home to be able to exit the premise easily in case of an emergency, and open in a matter of seconds. All ClearShield exit screens are designed for window applications and feature an easy-release mechanism that also acts as a secure, tamper-resistant device that locks the screen closed for peace of mind.

Rather than alternative solutions that collect dust and dirt in their weaves, all ClearShield screens are made from one single sheet of perforated stainless steel mesh and very easy to clean. Most importantly, ClearShield screens from Aus Secure are burglar resistant from a knife attack and have an attractive appearance.

Clearshield Stainless Steel Security Screens Exit - Aus-Secure

The Clearshield Emergency exit screens is a safety feature offered with our Screen installations which allows window screens release in a matter of seconds.
In the event of a fire or household drama, the easy release mechanism allows the screen frame to be opened outwards.
These screens still have the strength of the Clearshield product , but gives you piece of mind for your families safety.
All screens are made to measure for installation.

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