Aus-Secure takes pride in providing your homes and rental properties in Perth Metro and Mandurah with cost-effective and highly visual aluminium diamond grille screens. Even though our aluminium diamond grille security screens are a relatively inexpensive security solution, they still offer a high level of security for your windows.


At Aus-Secure, we love nothing more than helping you to secure your property in Perth and ensuring your family feels safe all year round. We are confident to say that our aluminium diamond grille security screens represent this mission, combining sheer functionality with good looks for a security solution that delivers awesome results without looking out of place in your home.

The benefits of choosing our high-quality diamond grille security screens for your windows include:

  • Peace of mind. Our aluminium diamond grille security screens keep intruders, among other, out to ensure the safety and comfort of your family and your property. This means being able to leave your windows open without concern.
  • Great value for money. Not all security screens are created equal. Our aluminium diamond grille security screens are made to withstand the elements and harsh conditions, which means they can last and protect your property for a long time.
  • Strength. Our aluminium diamond grille security screens are made from high-quality materials. They are also designed to meet the most stringent Australian standards. Because of these, our security screens are effective at what their primary function, which is to keep your property safe.

Contact us at Aus-Secure for further information and to request a quote. Just click the appropriate option to the right. Our friendly staff is always prepared for your queries.

Diamond grille screens enable you to leave windows open and enjoy the airflow throughout your home, while still deterring intruders.

The primary purpose of our low-cost diamond grille screens is to present a barrier substantial enough to deter the intruder from entering any property, and we have various colour options available to suit your home.

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