Secure your homes and businesses with sturdy aluminium doors

Aussecure, the leading provider of reliable, quality home security products, offers aluminium doors that provide security, clarity of vision, and strength to your property, whether it is your home, business or rental property. These doors are built strong to withstand the tests of time and the elements. They are guaranteed to be resistant to corrosion, and look good too.

We take pride in our AusClear security door system. Our aluminium doors are reliable, functional, and contribute significantly to the aesthetics of any property. The aluminium doors are made of a robust, 1.6 mm-thick perforated aluminium frame that is extruded and powder coated for maximum durability.

This makes our doors exceptionally strong. Our security doors have been tested and are certified approved by the NATA test rig to Australian Standards AS5041-2003. The doors also pass the Knife Shear Test, the Dynamic Impact Test, and the Jemmy Test. You can rest assured that when you come to Aus-Secure, you are getting the best in the security industry for aluminium doors in Perth.

Our aluminium doors come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs. Our security doors are custom built and made to measure to suit your exact specifications. We will work closely with you in designing a door that will suit your property’s security needs perfectly.

Contact Aus-Secure today to enquire about the aluminium doors that Perth residents, property investors and business owners rely on. Call 08 9350 6401 (North) or 08 9337 5779 (South) for enquiries and to book an appointment.

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