You will be pleased to discover that our roller shutters here at Aus-Secure have been proven to be deterrent to potential theft.

Once we’ve installed the roller shutters Perth, it can be quite difficult for intruders to remove them. This is mainly due to the fact that we closely fit the roller shutters to the door or window. It would require tremendous effort and expensive equipment to pull them away. Needless to say, once intruders see your roller shutters, it’s likely they’ll target a different property. One with easier access.

The insulation material inside each shutter slat, together with the pocket of air trapped between the roller shutter and the window, act as a double insulation against our extremes of climates. When you choose Aus-Secure roller shutters, up to 90% of the summer heat is prevented from penetrating with similar performance for retaining heat inside the house in winter.

By closing the roller shutters completely, you can also benefit from visual and audible privacy. The insulation inside the roller shutters deadens sound and reduces noise by up to 50%. What’s more, small, neat and tidy head boxes keep the shutters in a nice tidy roll and out of sight when open.

To find out more about our impressive roller shutters suitable for any home or office in Perth Metro and Mandurah, click on the link provided below.