Get the very best roller shutter doors for your Perth property with our top of the range options here at Aus-Secure. With two excellent roller shutter doors on offer, you’re sure to find the ideal roller door solution to install to your property to bring increased security and peace of mind. Enjoy the following features and benefits with our Gdo- 6 slim drive easyroller:

Enjoy the following features and benefits with our roller shutter garage doors:

  • Lessen the risk of damage to people and property with the Smart Intelligent Sensitivity System which reacts to door obstructions.
  • This option can be easily integrated with other automatic technology products.
  • Enjoy greater flexibility with the various operating modes which can also be customised.
  • This roller shutter door cannot be disrupted by other transmitters.
  • For increased security, this roller shutter door only allows limited non-vehicular access.
  • You only need at least 40mm side room to install it.
  • It is also equipped with SecuraCode which generates a new random code from over 4.29 billion possibilities with every use of the transmitter.
  • This roller shutter door option can be fitted to door sizes as big as 16.5m2.

Or, check out the benefits of our Gdo-8 shedmaster roller shutter door. This door is also protected from rain and other elements by its IP24 rated weatherproof enclosure:

  • IP24 Weather Resistant Housing – There’s a rubber seal between the outer housing halves. The isolated control board allows this motor to function smoothly despite exposure to the elements.
  • Keyed Lockout (Fitted as Standard) – The keyed lockout is fitted to every GDO-8 Shedmaster, stopping the manual disengage from being used. This mechanism also secures the motor even on perimeter mountings.
  • Lockable Keypad – The lockable keypad prevents alteration of the opener setting, as well as operation of the door from the drive unit.
  • This roller shutter door option can suit door sizes up to 15m2.

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Advantages of our Roller Shutter Doors Perth Services

  • Increased security for your home – Burglary rates continue to rise and having roller shutter doors can help you secure your home and protect your loved ones and possessions.
  • Protection from the sun – Roller shutter doors also cools down your interior space as they block the heat and the sun from coming in.
  • Protection against storm damage – Having roller shutter doors also offers ample protection during heavy storms with forceful winds.
  • Bushfire protection – Our roller shutter doors are tested for fire-resistance according to Australian Standards. This is especially useful when you live in a bushfire zone.
  • Increased aesthetic appeal for your home – You can choose from a range of Colorbond colours and finishes, so you are sure to find one that suits your home. With a stunning roller shutter door, you are sure to add value to your property.

Customised Roller Shutter Doors in Perth

At Aus-Secure, we offer customised installation services so that we can ensure that all of our customers’ needs and preferences are met when they turn to us for roller shutters..

You can opt to have your roller shutter doors operated manually or motorised for convenience and ease of use. Whether you need them for your new home or you’re simply renovating a garage or shed, you can turn to Aus-Secure and we’ll supply you with reasonably priced roller shutter doors that are suitable for your property and budget. Contact Aus-Secure today and learn more about the roller shutter doors Perth residents and business owners rely on.