Do you want to be protected against damages and injuries caused by electric shocks? Minimise the risk of injury and death from electric shocks with a RCD Safety Switch, or Residual Current Device.
RCD Safety Switch Installation and Testing is extremely important, because electric shocks can be dangerous – fatal, even. RCD power instantly breaks an electric circuit to help prevent serious harm during an ongoing electric shock. It will automatically and instantly disconnect a circuit the moment it detects a problem with the electrical current. At Aus-Secure, we offer RCD Safety Switch Installation and Testing as part of our comprehensive list of electrical services. Aus-Secure’s expert electricians can install new RCD power safety switches and test your existing RCD’s for compliance. We’ll ensure that you get added protection against electrical hazards, which can be difficult to locate and identify. Apart from ensuring your safety and preventing serious physical injuries, RCD Safety Switches can also prevent severe electrical damage and resultant fire to your residential or commercial property. Look no further than Aus-Secure when in need of RCD Safety Switch Installation and Testing. Aus-Secure is the leading provider of security systems and electrical services in Mandurah and the Perth Metro, so call us today to enquire about our quality RCD lighting and power safety switches!