Living in Perth: Why Fly Screens are Important to your Home


The presence of a fly screen in residential properties across Australia is essentially becoming customary; there are many benefits to having one, so why wouldn’t you choose to opt for such a product? If you’re still on the fence about whether or not you should be investing in fly screens for installation in your home, then just keep on reading and we can enlighten you as to why it’s a great idea to opt for the fly screens Perth homeowners are buying all across the city.

Why Choose Fly Screens for Your Residential Property?


Especially during the hot months of Summer, Perth becomes a hub for excessive fly and mosquito activity. The hot weather often prompts us to open up all the doors or windows of our home to let in the fresh, cool breeze, however, this can also be an invitation for the entry of the aforementioned pests into your household. With the installation of a fly screen, you can still open your doors and let in the cool air without worrying about the entrance of pesky bugs and insects.


When you add a fly screen on top of a durable security door, you can easily increase the level of protection applied upon your home. Acting as an extra barrier for intruders to try and work their way past, your fly screen will provide durability and resistance against a range of tactics intruders may use to try and break in, making your household extra secure.

Aesthetic Appeal

With such a versatile range of colours and designs available for fly screens, you can always be assured of finding a product that suits your individual tastes and the style of your home.

Increased Home Value

With the addition of a fly screen and all the benefits it provides your property, you can increase the value of your home, which is helpful should you plan on putting your home on the market in the future.


Of course, fly screens will allow you to open up your doors and let in the light during the day without worrying about pests, intruders or the elements entering into your home. With this, you can be more friendly to the environment by reducing the amount of electricity used and opting for natural lighting to fill your home instead.

For the Fly screens Perth Residents Always Choose, Turn to Aus-Secure

As residents of Australia, we know how necessary it is to have a fly screen installed in your home not only for pest control purposes, but also for security measures. Luckily, here at Aus-Secure we offer a range of fly screen products manufactured from the highest quality materials which guarantee to provide both durability and longevity.

Living in Perth has a lot of pros and cons; but with the installation of high-quality fly screens, you can improve your quality of living and enjoy a worthwhile investment for your household. Contact Aus-Secure today to learn more!