How to Secure Your Parked Car: 7 Tips to Prevent Car Theft

How to Secure Your Parked Car

How secure is your car against car thieves? Cars are essential for everyday use; we use them to get to work, drop the kids off at school and run all those important daily errands. It’s stressful, inconvenient, and costly to be without it, so it pays to improve your car’s protection against theft.

This blog post will look at some tips you can use to protect it.

1. Lock your doors

The first line of protection against a car thief is a locked door. Double-checking your car doors are locked is a smart habit to get into.

2. Remove your keys from the car.

Even if you’re quickly ducking out of your car to grab something, whether it’s from a house or a store, you should never leave your keys in the ignition. Leaving your keys in the ignition makes it much easier for a car thief to break in and simply drive off.

3. Wind up the windows

Keep your windows wound up each time you’re about to leave the car. Someone who wants to break into your vehicle can easily reach in through an open window. They could take what they can reach or unlock the door and get full access.

4. Secure your driveway

Your driveway can be the perfect spot for trespassers. Therefore, it is best to secure this area with a driveway gate and motion sensor lighting, making it more difficult for someone to steal your car or for them to break into your vehicle.

5. Don’t leave valuable items in your car.

A thief will be drawn to your car if you leave valuables like a handbag, mobile phone, or other valuables out in the open. So don’t leave these items in the car, but make sure to keep them well hidden if you have to.

6. Activate your car alarm

Often a car has a built-in alarm system, but not all of them do. When your alarm sets off, the car makes a loud noise. This happens when someone opens the car door or tries to start the car while the alarm is on. The noise is often enough to scare away a thief because they don’t want to deal with the attention the alarm brings.

7. Secure your garage

If you put your car in the garage, did you realise that someone might easily break in and steal it if you don’t protect it properly? Ensure the doors are locked, the remote is hidden, and the door shut. It is also beneficial to install a wireless keypad and security cameras for your garage.

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