How To Protect Your Home During the Holidays

How To Protect Your Home During the Holidays

Holidays are a time to relax, unwind and rest before the start of another busy year or school term. Some Perth residents enjoy spending time at home during the summer holidays, around their pool or at the local rec centre, while many others enjoy travelling around our beautiful state and country, or even taking a trip overseas. While holidays are a time to relax, it is also a peak time for home invasions and burglaries in Perth. Burglars and trespassers know you’ll be away from home and take the opportunity to act while they have the chance. If you’re planning a trip away, take a look at our blog on How to know if your house is secured from burglars.

There’s nothing worse than returning home after a relaxing holiday to broken windows, stolen cars or beloved goods and being filled with fear. As experts on home security, our team here at Aus-Secure have compiled a list of ways you can protect your home during the holidays.

1. CCTV Installation

CCTV stands for closed circuit television and has been used by the government and private contractors for years to protect councils, citizens and local businesses. With properly installed CCTV around your property, you will be able to keep an eye on your home while you are away on holidays. CCTV gives you the ability to check in on your home anytime from anywhere. If you aren’t home for an extended period or are leaving a pet home overnight, investing in CCTV is the best way for you to secure your property and belongings.

If a break in or damage to property does occur, CCTV will be able to capture the entire incident, which you can then provide to police and your insurance company for a quicker investigation and recovery of what you’ve lost.

Our team at Aus-Secure only provides the best in the security industry, whether you’re looking for CCTV camera systems or any other type of security system. Our CCTV camera solutions are an easy way to upgrade your property’s security level and instil peace of mind within your household. Know that at Aus-Secure, we have all your supply and installation needs covered.

2. Alarm Systems

If you like the idea of a CCTV system but are looking for something a little more lowkey, consider installing an alarm system. Your basic alarm system should consist of motion/contact sensors, sirens and monitoring services.

Here at Aus-Secure, we provide highly effective alarm systems Perth residents can rely on when they go away. Our systems are easy enough for every member of the family to operate with permitted access control. They ensure to provide a level of simplicity and convenience the whole family will appreciate. For leading alarm systems, products and services in Perth, you can rely on your local experts here at Aus-Secure.

Alarm systems are not only a great property detector for when you’re away, but also come in handy if you have young children who arrive home from school before you finish work and you want to make sure they’re entering your home safely. If your alarm has been activated, your children can call you or stay with a neighbour without entering into a dangerous situation.

3. Security Doors

Security doors are the physical reinforcements to the technological protection that your CCTV and alarm systems create for your property. It’s one thing to be alerted to a burglar or trespasser but just because you’re aware, doesn’t mean that will stop them from breaking and entering. Strong, durable security doors are the key to keeping your home or property secure even if there is an attempt to break and enter.

There are a range of materials you can choose from for a custom-made security door for your home including stainless steel doors, sliding doors, aluminium doors, decorative doors and diamond grille doors. The best thing about Aus Secure security doors is their proven ability to withstand brute force and harsh weather conditions. We manufacture all of our doors to exceptional standards so that we can provide your home with the security it needs both while you’re home and whilst you’re away enjoying your holidays.

At Aus-Secure, we work to provide you with exceptional custom- made security products. We design, manufacture and install security products all throughout the Perth Metro area. This is all done so whilst adhering to Australian standards AS5039-2008. Call and speak to one of our friendly team members today to learn more.