How to Keep Your Home Secure When Renovating

How to Keep Your Home Secure When Renovating

Home remodelling was certainly the trend during the pandemic. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, homeowners spent around $12.3 billion into renovating their properties. If you’re joining the bandwagon, make sure you’re prepared.

When you’re renovating your home, you’re turning your property and your entire life upside down. Expect dust, noise, and a stream of people coming in and out of your house. Above all, you need to consider the threat to the security of your property. So, here are some tips to keep your home protected during a renovation.

Install Security Cameras

Having cameras around the renovation area allows you to monitor the project even when you’re away. There are many ways in which a camera system can beef up the site’s security. For instance, you can always have a video footage of everything that’s happening onsite. You can review the recording in case anything goes missing.

Besides, having cameras clearly mounted around the property discourages a criminal. When they know that they’re being monitored, they’re less inclined to pursue their plans. Indeed, having cameras around the renovation site can be an effective security measure.

Keep the Area Well Lit

During the night, make sure that all entries and exits are adequately lit. No criminal wants to be visible when they do their business. You can install security lights with motion sensors. This way, the area lights up when movement is detected.

Have Quality Locks

It’s best to opt for custom security doors that allow you to install high-quality locks. So, if you need to give anyone a key to the property, they won’t be able to duplicate it without your authorisation. Another option is to have an access control system. This design allows you to manage who can enter and exit your property. You can even configure the system to record anyone who has accessed the site.

Choose a Trusted Contractor

Selecting a trusted contractor is crucial in ensuring the security of your renovation project. So, before you sign a contract, you should review the background of your contractor and their subcontractors. Check if they are properly insured and cleared by the police. What’s more, make sure that they will be held liable for problems or accidents caused by negligence from their end. Here are some tips in choosing a contractor:

  • Ask the contractor for their most recent project references. Also, ask if they can provide financial references from trade creditors and vendors.
  • Reach out to state licensing agencies and gather data about the contractor’s trustworthiness and reliability. Verify the legitimacy of their licenses and check if they’ve incurred safety violations or complaints from previous clients.
  • Make sure that the contractor and their subcontractors can cover liability over accidents and problems due to their negligence.
  • Have background screening for the contractors and their subcontractors. You may have to cover the cost of the criminal background check. However, this step will ensure that your property, project, and family are safe during the renovation.

Secure Your Property with the Help of Experts

If you need help securing your renovation project, don’t hesitate to contact Aus Secure. Our technicians can expertly install alarm systems and security cameras around the site. This way, you can monitor what happens in the renovation area even when you’re away.

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