How Security Doors Increase Your House’s Value

Security Doors

Of course, the primary reason why people install security doors is to add protection to their house, as it’s undeniably a great way to increase home security. However, what you may not know is that a security door can also add value to your home, and offer several security and lifestyle benefits.

As we all know, a secure and stunning property is a best seller in the market. In this article, we will discuss how installing a security door can be a home improvement, which can help render a good return on investment (ROI). Keep reading if you want to discover the importance and benefits of having a good security door.

Little to No Home Security Attracts Burglars and Intruders

When burglars are searching for a house to target, they firstly look for elements that indicate whether or not the property is vulnerable enough for them to break into. When you know what these elements are, it will allow you to search for ways to improve your home security, which will therefore give you a better chance of deterring burglary attempts. Here are some of the elements that thieves look for:

Vulnerable Entrances

Most of us like to keep the door open during summers to let fresh air in and save on electricity costs, and if you want to do the same, then you should seriously consider installing a security door. Thieves observe homes and study vulnerable entry points, so if they notice that you tend to leave your front door open, they may take advantage of it. Whilst you’re busy, it’s possible for them to sneak in and steal your valuable items.

Damaged or Unfinished Doors and Windows

If you have windows that are falling apart, burglars may consider them as an entry point, so it’s essential to check your windows and doors from time to time, and make sure that they are secure and intact. Just by having a security door, you can discourage thieves from targeting your home.

Why a Security Door is the Best Way to Increase House Value

If the safety and peace of mind of your family are important to you, then a security door would be a worthwhile investment. You can enjoy more benefits than you initially expected once you have one installed, including:

Reliable Protection

In the event of a burglary, your first line of defence would be your entry door. If you compare the quality of a security door to ordinary doors, the former would offer a higher level of strength. This is a valuable home improvement that provides you with another layer of protection against intruders.

Deterring Attempts for Forced Entries

In general, burglars target the front door when they break into houses. If they see that you have a security door, they might think twice about whether breaking into your home is worth their effort and time. Thieves typically carry basic tools when they forcibly enter houses, therefore trying to bring down a security door would mean they would have to make a whole lot of noise in an attempt to break in.

At Aus-Secure, we offer a range of security doors that have met and even exceeded Australian Standards for quality, reliability, and functionality. These doors have gone through impact, knife shear and anti-jemmy tests, so it goes without saying they’re suitable to act as your home’s first line of defence.

Significantly Adding Value to your Home

Security doors undeniably provide the reliable protection you need for your home, and offers various financial and lifestyle benefits, for example, reasonably increasing your home’s value. Whether you add decking to your backyard or re-paint your kitchen cabinets, you are making changes that add value to your property, and the same applies with your door. Even if you install a single security door, you can still consider it as a home improvement.

Here at Aus-Secure, we offer a wide range of decorative doors, meaning that you don’t have to settle for prison-bar looking security doors, but instead choose from a variety of decorative doors to suit the style of your home and improve its kerb appeal.

Save on Electricity Costs

As we’ve mentioned, it can get so hot during summers that the only thing we can do is leave our front door open to let in the cool air. Of course, you wouldn’t want to compromise your security when doing so, therefore installing a security door would be a perfect way for you to open your door and let fresh air in, whilst keeping safe at the same time. You can keep your security door locked so intruders or pests won’t be able to come in, and in turn be able to turn off the air conditioning, save on electricity costs and become friendlier to the environment.

Discounts on your Insurance Premium

Any effort to improve the security of your property could potentially merit a discount on your home and contents insurance premium. Security doors make it difficult for burglars to break into a house, therefore if you have one installed, your insurance company may consider your home as less of a risk. Additionally, if you pair your security door with a good security alarm system, you can further lower your insurance premium.

When it comes to reliable home security, you will be glad you found Aus-Secure! We offer highly customisable home security systems that can be tailored according to your specific needs. We can install motion detectors by your security door so you can reinforce your protection, and can even install an intercom with video by your gate so you know who’s visiting you, without having to go out your door and check.

Give Aus-Secure a call today and ask about the right security door to fit your budget, needs and preferences. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be more than glad to answer all your enquiries.