How Having Home Security Doors & Window Screens Can Save You Money

Security Doors & Window Screens by Aus-Secure

Most people install home security doors and window screens to keep the burglars out and to protect their belongings and loved ones. However, did you know that there are several other ways that these fixtures can improve your quality of living and your home? What’s more, they can even help you to save a ton of money!

Here at Aus-Secure, it is always our goal to help you in keeping your family and home secure. All the while, we want you to get the best value out of your money. As an Australian owned and operated company, we only provide products that are suitable for the harsh local conditions. That said, having an adequate level of security for your home shouldn’t have to mean breaking the bank. As such, we only offer security doors and window screens at reasonable rates. Rest assured, these can help you to save money in other aspects of your daily life. “How is that possible,” you ask? Well, here’s how:

Lower Your Energy Bill

Stainless steel security screens use the best features of generic mesh doors and take them notches higher. We all know how fly screens can help to keep the pests out and let the cool breeze in. Moreover, when you lock them, you can also keep your pets and kids from wandering out. On the other hand, ClearShield’s multi-award winning, stainless steel mesh design does so much more. Since it is thicker than many other types of mesh screens, it can also function as a barrier that prevents the cold or heat from entering into your home. As a result, you won’t have to use your heating and air conditioning system as much.

Save Your House and Possessions from Fire

If you live in a bushfire zone, then you’d appreciate the level of protection that home security window screens are able to provide. At Aus-Secure, we supply screens that meet the rigorous standards for bushfire protection. Having passed AS3959-2009, our security screens can prevent fire attenuation. They can also reduce the intensity of naked flames and radiant heat significantly. So, even when you’re a kilometre away from an actual fire, you can rest assured knowing that the flying embers won’t burn your house down. Needless to say, if you want to ensure your safety and spare yourself from expensive repairs, we’d recommend that you install home security window screens.

Extend Your Living Space Without Going Through Expensive Renovations

People instinctively think about heavy doors and steel bars when they consider installing some form of protection for their home. Of course, going for this option will end up closing up anything on the outside, making the interiors scary, dark and isolated. On the other hand, when you choose to go with our security doors and window screens, you wouldn’t have to sacrifice aesthetics for protection.

Here at Aus-Secure, we offer screens that can absorb light. Consequently, you can enjoy adequate visibility through the screen, allowing you to enjoy the view of your outdoor surroundings. You can let air and light flow into your living space without having to worry about insects and pests! There’s no need to build a patio to enjoy the outdoors, because you can enjoy the stunning views even whilst you’re on the inside.


For many years, Aus-Secure has been working with homeowners in Western Australia. When you turn to us, we’ll help you to select the right design, style and colours for your home. You won’t have to worry about having unsightly security screens installed that look out of place. With plenty of options available, our window screens and security doors will help in making the best features of your home stand out.

If you’re ready to discuss your security screen requirements, contact Aus-Secure today