Home Security Checklist: 4 Things to Look After

Home Security Checklist

Want to keep your home looking as secure as possible all throughout the year? If you want to minimise the risks of becoming a victim to a burglary, it’s important to secure your home with all the right products and features. In this way, you can prevent even the craftiest burglars from taking advantage of your property. 

In this post, we’ve gone through 4 important areas to look after if you’re serious about increasing your home security level: 

1. Front Door

A lot of homeowners don’t expect the front door to be the most targeted entryway by burglars. After all, it is certainly the most obvious point of entry. For that reason, wouldn’t burglars rather choose to target an alternative door or window, as a means of easing suspicion? 

The fact is, many homeowners forget to secure their front door adequately. You may also be surprised to find that some even forget to lock their front doors before leaving the premises! If you want to minimise the risks of a break-in occurring, securing your front door is a great place to start. You can use any number or combination of different products to achieve this, including security doors, CCTV cameras, alarm system sensors and motion sensor lighting. Security doors can provide a variety of security benefits, including acting as a deterrent, physically preventing certain types of break-in attacks, increasing the value of your home and much more. 

2. Windows

Being made from glass, windows are also an incredibly vulnerable point of entry that are important to secure and fortify. After all, anyone who had the right tools and a strong sense of determination would be able to smash through your windows with relative ease. Fortunately, not a lot of burglars out there are quite that brazen.

If you want to secure your windows properly, security screens are a great way to do so. Being made according to strict Australian Standards, security screens are a tried and tested way to reinforce your windows and keep your home looking like an unattractive target towards burglars. 

3. Driveway

Another important area to consider is your driveway, which can become the perfect spot for trespassers to hide in if it’s left wide open and unsecured. Naturally, one of the best ways to secure your driveway is by installing a driveway gate. This will help to prevent passers-by off the street from coming onto your property so easily. Moreover, it can also help to reduce the risks of car theft. Aside from driveway gates, motion sensor lighting is also worth considering. Through keeping the front of your home well-lit, you will be able to prevent trespassers from lurking around in the dark. Moreover, you will be able to ensure safety for you and your guests when leaving or arriving at your home late at night. You won’t have to worry about tripping over unseen objects in the dark and causing yourself an injury.    

4. Privacy

Privacy and security often go hand in hand. After all, if someone knows for certain that you have valuables stored inside your home, they will be much more likely to put effort into obtaining those possessions. You can increase the privacy of your home through opting for security doors and screens with one-way vision mesh. Alternatively, you can use large bushes or ‘defensive plants’ to your advantage, to help shield certain entryways and areas of your home from the eyes of criminals.  

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