Home Alone After School: How Security Systems Protect Kids

How Security Systems Protect Kids

If you’re a Perth homeowner with a family, then your number one priority would probably be to keep your family safe. Most of all, you would want a home security system that can keep your kids safe if they are home alone, or even when they’re with a babysitter after school.

Luckily, security systems can protect your kids when you’re not around in many ways. Here are some great examples:

  • Security Cameras (to keep an eye on the babysitter): If you have kids, you have most likely hired a babysitter before, especially for younger kids. Security cameras will allow you to check what’s going on in real-time, so that you can ensure your kids are safe and the babysitter is doing their job by taking care of them while you’re away at work.
  •  Intercoms: If your kids are home alone and someone were to knock on the door, the video and audio intercoms would allow them to see and listen to who’s there. If the person knocking on the door is a stranger who your kids are not familiar with, they do not have to press the button to allow the stranger in.
  • Motion Sensors: A motion sensor has a longer leash than a window or door sensor. You probably don’t care where your kids are within the home, as long as they aren’t going out through the entryway or garage. A single motion sensor can monitor all rooms and exits.
  •  Security cameras outside: Kids who are home alone may want to go outside to the back or front yard. This is where outdoor security cameras can come in handy. You’ll be able to see what is going on in both the back and front yard. Aside from this, you’ll be able to keep tabs on who’s lurking around outside your property when you’re not around.
  •  Monitoring: You may want to monitor certain areas of the house such as the kitchen when your kids are home alone, as the kitchen can be unsafe for your kids without you being there to supervise them. Being able to monitor your security cameras via your mobile device is an extremely handy feature.

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