Factors Perth Homeowners Should Consider When Buying Security Screen Doors

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With a lot of different types of front doors available in the market promising both safety and protection from crooks and bugs, selecting what, when and where to buy security screen doors can be confusing.

Remember that it pays to understand a few important things on how to make sure you get security, not just door.

Security Doors Come in Many Sizes and Shapes

If you’re asking what kind of security door do you need, remember that there is no single, correct answer to this. When you ask an expert in security, they’ll tell you need a custom measured and custom made security door. You should consider the following;

  • How much security do I need?
  • Is the design important?
  • Is quality important?
  • Do you live in a suburb or neighbourhood that is prone to break-ins, and the likes.

A steel door with a steel grille is recommended for houses where there are incidents of break-ins every now and then.  A sturdy aluminium door could be what you need if you’re only after making an impression of a secured home while still keeping out two-legged bugs. Some consultants would suggest you buy a low-cost aluminium door if you just want an anti-insect screen.

Be Informed About Standard

With many companies advertising “security screen doors”, it can be especially tricky. Be warned that some of these sales pitches could just be to “get the sale”. When looking to buy security screen doors that can do more than protect your home against flies, ensure they meet the Australian Standard AS5039-2008.

If you are hiring an installation company, ask if their work complies with the standard for installation, which is AS5040. It also pays to conduct a comparison of the better-known brand of security screen doors like Aus-Secure’s patented security doors. Verifying claims that you are purchasing a quality and feature-rich door can be challenging. Do your research.

Reputation of the Company

The advantages are vast when you entrust the installation of new security screen doors with the right company. Make sure you have done your homework before signing a contract with a company. Usually, this starts with doing a background check of the years the company has existed. Try also to find reviews online about the way the company conducted their works for their former clients. An even bigger credential to look at is their membership with respected groups like the Australian Security Industry Association Ltd. or the National Security Screen Association. Being a member of these associations is like a stamp of approval that the company you are hiring meet certain quality requirements.

If after reading this you feel like you need a security door for your Perth home or business, call a team of experts here at Aus-Secure who can handle your window and security screen door requirements.  With an obligation free measure and quote available, what are you waiting for? Call now on 08 9337.5770 or 08 9350.6401.