It takes tedious electrical wiring work and design for proper kitchen / bathroom exhaust fan installation. Turn to Aus-Secure and we guarantee you that our team of highly skilled and experienced professionals will install your bathroom and kitchen exhaust fans efficiently for your complete satisfaction. Click the button below for YOUR FREE QUOTE!

Do you want to keep your kitchen and bathroom smelling fresh?

At Aus-Secure, we offer top quality exhaust fan installation for bathroom and kitchen exhaust fans. Exhaust fans are important in every home and business, as they ensure that areas such as kitchens and bathrooms smell clean and fresh, extracting any strong odours. Exhaust fans also work to remove the moisture from these rooms, minimising the risk of unsightly and sickly mould build-up. Additionally, exhaust fans add to the safety features of your home because they remove chemical fumes given off by cleaning agents that can potentially cause numerous health-related issues.

We understand that kitchen and bathroom exhaust fan installation can be quite tricky, so let Aus-Secure’s professional team of electricians do the job for you. We’ve been in the business for over 35 years, servicing clients throughout the Perth Metro area and Mandurah.

Aus-Secure is the leading provider of security systems in Mandurah and the Perth Metro area- our team offers electrical services and exhaust fan installations that you can rely on. Call us today to enquire about installation services for our bathroom and kitchen exhaust fans, and to learn more about our other products and services.


Since 1980, Aus-Secure has offered a friendly, expert service for property owners in Perth Metro and Mandurah. Today, we also serve you from a second location in O’Conner. Whether you want a standard alarm system or you need the personalised security of a custom system, we’ll help you to protect your home.

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