Looking for security lighting in Perth?

Securing your home against burglaries doesn’t have to be complicated or come with a hefty price tag. Often, well thought out security lighting can do the trick. Keeping your property bright and well-lit at night time can help tremendously in keeping intruders away. Security lights around the perimeter of your property can prove a very effective and cost-efficient first line of defence against trespassers.

When you are in need of reliable security lighting, look no further than Aus-Secure. We have been in the business of providing security systems in Perth and Mandurah for the past 35 years, so you can bet that we have the best solutions readily on hand to meet your security needs. We know and understand what our clients need, and we pride ourselves on delivering excellent service that you can rely on every time.

At Aus-Secure we pride ourselves on our electrical team’s expertise and we’ll not just help you choose the security lights that will best suit your property – we’ll install them expertly for you. Our electricians ensure that the job is done within the first visit, because we value your satisfaction, safety and security above everything.

Call Aus-Secure today to enquire about our security lighting installation service and to learn more about our other quality security products and services.


Since 1980, Aus-Secure has offered a friendly, expert service for property owners in Perth Metro and Mandurah. Today, we also serve you from a second location in O’Conner. Whether you want a standard alarm system or you need the personalised security of a custom system, we’ll help you to protect your home.

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