Preventive Maintenance for your Alarm System

You do not have to wait before something goes wrong with your alarm system. You can also call Aus-Secure to conduct annual or bi-annual maintenance visits to your home. Whether you have a simple or a complex, remotely monitored security system, we can provide repair and maintenance services according to Australian Standards.

What to Expect from our Alarm System Services

When we visit your home for maintenance services, we test the security system, including the control panel, devices, keypad and batteries to ensure that they are all properly functioning. Without efficient and regular maintenance, your equipment may deteriorate over time. If any issues are identified, we will resolve them on-site as much as we can. If not, we can schedule another visit.

Whenever we repair or inspect alarm systems, we review a comprehensive and strict checklist. This includes checking all physical fixings, corrosion, loosening, cabling and the operation of all the devices and add-ons. False alarms are typically caused by faulty devices and components which are left unattended. If you opt for a wired system, we will also replace the batteries, including fuses and external sounders as necessary. It is important to give these parts regular attention to ensure optimum protection for your home.

Why Choose Aus-Secure for Alarm System Repairs

At Aus-Secure, we have a team of tradespeople who are qualified and experienced to provide alarm system repairs and maintenance services. We have several certifications to uphold, so we strictly follow Australian Standards with every project we undertake.

Whatever issues your alarm system may have, you can rely on Aus-Secure to resolve them and have your security equipment functioning in no time. Contact us today and ask about the alarm system repairs Perth residents and business owners always rely on.

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