Apart from our reputable security systems, we also provide electrical services Perth home and business owners can rely on. We can provide you with assistance regarding all your electrical and lighting requirements. Whether you’re in need of ceiling fan installation or power points installed inside or outside your Perth home, Aus-Secure can help you out.


Aus-Secure is the leading specialist in providing top quality electrical services Perth residents always turn to. We are experienced in the design, manufacture, and installation of a wide range of high-quality security products, including security screens, security gates and security doors and windows. Needless to say, when you turn to us, you can be sure that you’ll find the best solutions for your needs. We provide the electrical services Perth residents have trusted for decades. Our team of qualified and highly trained professionals perform every job with reliability and quality workmanship in mind. Furthermore, all our products, installation and maintenance work are backed by a full warranty. Discover more about our electrical services below. Don’t forget to send your enquiry to Aus-Secure by filling out the form to your right!



RCD lighting and power

A residual current device, or RCD, instantly breaks an electric circuit to prevent serious harm during an ongoing electric shock. Whilst some injuries may still occur in some cases, it is still greatly minimised by the RCD. It works by quickly and automatically disconnecting a circuit when it detects that the electric current is not balanced between the energised and return conductors. We offer RCD lighting and power services to ensure you receive added protection against electrical hazards. This is especially helpful as many issues can be difficult to locate and identify.

Alarm systems

Our skilled and trained electricians also specialise in the installation of alarm systems. These help to protect your property against burglars and trespassers. We offer alarm systems for both residential and commercial properties, so there are plenty of options available to you. Our able technicians can also guide you in choosing the right alarm system to suit your Perth property.

Smoke detector installation

The last thing you’d want to happen when cooking or performing some other task is setting your property on fire. This is why having a smoke detector installed is so important. In the unfortunate event of a fire emergency, smoke detector alerts will allow you to identify and resolve the issue in an efficient manner. Smoke detectors also give you that added piece of mind for the security of your property, colleagues or loved ones. At Aus-Secure, we offer RCD lighting to help prevent your Perth home or business from catching fire.

Indoor and outdoor power point installation

Be sure to never take lighting and outdoor power point installation lightly. After all, improper DIY installation will not only put yourself at great risk, but could also endanger your property. On the other hand, you could opt to leave it to the professionals. At Aus-Secure, our very able electrical technicians can take care of your indoor and outdoor power point installations. We take care of all types of electrical services, including external power, household lighting, light fittings, and the like.

Security lighting

One way to protect your home or business from burglaries and trespassers is to ensure that it is bright and well-lit, especially at night. Security lights that light up your perimeter can be your first line of defence against intruders. We can install security lighting to suit your residential or commercial property. We will even walk you through choosing the best security lights to suit your property and individual requirements.

Ceiling fan

Ceiling fans are an economical way to keep your workplace or home cool and well-ventilated. We can install your ceiling fans in a safe and secure manner. We can also help you pick the right size and model of ceiling fan to work best with your home or business.

CCTV specialists

Know exactly what is happening inside and outside of your home or business with the help of a reliable CCTV system. As Perth’s leading CCTV specialists, we can assist you with the installation of your CCTV camera system. We can also advise you on the security cameras your property can best benefit from. We help ensure the safety and security of your residential and commercial buildings, always.

Kitchen and bathroom exhaust fan installation

Exhaust fans are important in keeping your kitchen and bathroom smelling fresh all the time. Installing them can be tricky, which is why at Aus-Secure, we can take care of installing them for you. We will ensure to install your kitchen and bathroom exhaust fans the safest in a safe and proper manner. We’ll inspect your premises beforehand so we can properly plan the installation process.

Aus-Secure is a company you can rely on for all your electrical services and installation needs. We have been in the business for over 40 years, with EC 007299 and SL 11842. Contact us today to enquire about our products and services.