Do You Have the Right Accessories for your Automatic Gates in Perth?

Right Accessories for Automatic Gates in Perth

These days, more and more people are opting for automatic gates. After all, they provide additional security and protection for homeowners and businesses. Automatic security gates are the convenient and affordable option for keeping your property safe. What’s more, they are available in various designs and styles, allowing them to blend well with any home or building motif.

To get the best value for your money, you’ll be wanting to get the automatic gates Perth residents prefer. Moreover, you need to ensure that you have all the right accessories necessary in optimising the potential of your electric gates. In this post, we are going to discuss the components that your security gate must possess in order to keep its operation convenient and efficient.


As their name suggests, guide-rollers function to lead the gate in the right direction. Typically made up of two nylon rollers rotating on shafts, guide-rollers hold the gate vertically, preventing it from falling over—something you would want to avoid as much as possible. If you’re going to improve the safety of your sliding security gates, we recommend fitting them with extra support posts. They should be able to keep the gate from falling over if the guide-rollers start to malfunction.

End Stops

From a safety point of view, it is crucial to have end stops as they keep the gate from leaving its track. Keep in mind that there is always a possibility—no matter how far-fetched the idea is—that the gate will run over its limits. Of course, you’ll want to prevent the gate from behaving like a derailed train with nothing to stop it. So, we recommend having mechanical end stops that are robust enough. They should be able to withstand a considerable amount of force.

Anti-Lift Brackets

Anti-Lift brackets keep unauthorised people from accessing your property. They keep intruders from lifting the gate off its track. Keep in mind that some electric gates are light enough for a single person to raise. So, it is necessary to have anti-lift brackets.


Your gate’s movement depends primarily on its wheels. These wheels are a collection of spherical items that rotate around a shaft. It’s important to remember that the wheels carry the entire weight of the gate, therefore it is crucial for you to keep them in good condition, ensuring that they can rotate freely. Moreover, you need to make sure that they are compatible with the rail’s profile.


Since you’re opting for the automatic gates Perth residents prefer, you need to fit a toothed rack along the fixture’s length. It should mesh with your gate motor’s pinion, functioning identically as the rack-and-pinion configuration found in the mechanisms of most cars’ steering wheels.

different quality gate motor options

A Premium Quality Gate Motor

Purchasing a new gate operator is a lot similar to choosing a new vehicle. You need to consider the weight of the gate, the push force, the maximum number of daily operations and the duty cycle when you are selecting an automation system. However, above everything else, it is essential for you to ensure that you are buying a gate motor that will perform reliably, day-in and day-out.

At Aus-Secure, we offer various types of electric gates. Moreover, we provide different gate motor options. When you turn to us, you can choose from the following products:

Sliding Security Gates Motor

When it comes to sliding security gates, we offer LIVI as the operator. With a 900 kg capacity, this sturdy and reliable sliding gate motor comes with an original and agreeable design. Available in an electronic or mechanical clutch, LIVI can assure the safety of your electric gates. We have integrated the control board into the case, allowing us to install LIVI quickly. So, you can expect precise, rapid and stable programming.

Hinged Gates Motor

Here at Aus-Secure, we also offer automatic hinged gates. For panels up to 3.5m or 4.5m long, we use LOOK. This product is a new telescopic electromechanical ram that provides strength, reliability and functionality. Available in a modern design, LOOK makes automation a safe and practical option for different types of swing gates.

MHouse (Italian Motors)

Developed by one of the largest manufacturers of door and gate operators in the world, the MHouse range can meet the day-to-day challenges in various commercial and domestic settings. Even for residential applications, MHouse motors retains the same industrial strength, combining it with user-friendly electronics and intelligent programming.

Choosing the Automatic Security Gates Perth Resident Trust

When you are looking for premium quality electric gates in Perth, you can turn to Aus-Secure and expect brilliant results. We offer a wide selection of automatic gates that add convenience and security to your day-to-day operation. Our automatic gates are available in sliding, single hinged and double hinged design.

You can opt for our hinged and sliding security gates when you want to give your home in Perth a contemporary touch. When you come home late at night or during bad weather, you will not have to step out of your vehicle to access your driveway. Indeed, our electric gates are the safer and more convenient alternative to manual gates.

When you choose any of our automatic gates, you will have the freedom to add optional features like entry keypads, video or audio intercoms and PE beams. For added convenience, you can even ask us to interface your garage door and gate motors to function off the same remote control. With the click of a button, you will be able to open or close your electric gate.

Get the right accessories for your automatic gate in Perth! Contact Aus-Secure and choose from our versatile selection of automatic gate products.