Trust in ClearShield stainless steel security doors to provide high strength and clear visibility. These will allow you to leave your doors open and enjoy the view and breeze. Moreover, you won’t have to compromise on security. It is their unique design that sets them apart from all other competitors.

Looking to boost your home security in the Perth Metro and Mandurah? Choose our high-performance ClearShield stainless steel security screen doors.

Functionality. We create our stainless steel security doors from only high quality 304 grade stainless steel, which is stronger than 316 marine grade steel. Moreover, we ensure to manufacture our doors according to strict Australian standards. As a result, you can enjoy durability, longevity, and endurance against the elements. On top of all this, our doors also serve as an effective deterrent. Thus, you can expect them to discourage burglary attempts and other potential threats.

Convenience. We manufacture our stainless steel screens from a single perforated sheet of powder coated stainless steel. This is unlike many other screen doors you will find at our competitors. The result is a smooth, easy-to-clean surface which resists dust collection.

Aesthetics. Our door frame designs come available in both traditional and contemporary colours. With such a versatile range to choose from, you’ll have no trouble finding an option to suit your home’s décor, whether it features a federation style, a more modern look, or anything in between.

We’re taking conventional stainless steel security screen doors to the next level. ClearShield stainless steel security doors offer superior strength, durability and good looks. We utilise only the latest in advanced technology. This is how we are able to bring you the very best in modern security screen doors. If you want a heavy duty solution that will last and deliver, then this is the security door for you. Of course, these doors promise to add value and blend seamlessly with your property as well.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for security sliding doors or hinged security doors. Regardless of what you need, we can customise the perfect solution for you. Contact Aus-Secure for the best stainless steel security screen doors. Fill out the form on the right and get your free quote today!



The ClearShield Emergency exit screen is an excellent safety feature. It allows window screens to release in a matter of seconds. What’s more, we offer this product along with our screen installations. This easy release mechanism is highly beneficial in the event of a fire or other household drama. It opens the screen frame outwards in a matter of seconds. Not only do these screens have superior aesthetic quality and easy operation. Along with these, you can also expect them to have the strength of any ClearShield product. You can trust in our security solutions to ensure your family’s safety and provide you with peace of mind. We create all our made-to-measure screens to cater towards your needs.


Our wide range of ClearShield exit screens are the perfect safety measure. They enable the occupants of your home a quick and easy escape from the premises in the event of an emergency. All ClearShield exit screens are specifically designed for window applications. They feature an easy-release mechanism that also acts as a secure, tamper-resistant device. This mechanism locks the screen shut for peace of mind.
We craft our ClearShield security screens for doors and windows from one single sheet of perforated stainless steel mesh. As a result, these structures are very easy to clean and maintain. Furthermore, ClearShield screens from Aus-Secure are also resistant to burglar knife attacks. In addition to this, they also sport a highly attractive appearance. Consequently, you can expect them to blend seamlessly with a range of properties.
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