The AusClear aluminium security screen door system is perfect for a range of applications. They are the ideal option for Perth home and business owners. As such, you can expect them to provide as a strong and good-looking security solution.

  • Reliability. We have tested this security door system in an approved NATA test rig to Australians Standards AS5041-2003 for hinged security doors. It has also passed the following:
    • Knife Shear Test
    • Dynamic Impact Test
    • Jemmy Test
  • Functionality. AusClear aluminium security screen doors  utilise a strong, 1.6mm-thick aluminium sheet. This is perforated in an extruded aluminium frame. Following this, it is powder coated to exacting standards. We retain the sheet in the door frame using our PVC pressure retention system. This ensures far better durability than the riveted system. As a result, AusClear aluminium security doors deliver ultimate performance. They are strong, resistant to corrosion, and provide clarity of vision.
  • Aesthetics. Traditional screen doors have an uncanny tendency to look out of place. In contrast, AusClear aluminium security screens look great on a variety of applications. You can expect them to blend seamlessly with a range of Australian home designs and motifs.

All AusClear aluminium security screen doors are custom-built and made-to-measure. In this way, they are sure to suit your exact requirements.

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Mild: Being rural, away from the coast and remote from industry and urban activity. Moderate: Being mainly urban, inland and away from heavy industry. Tropical/Severe: Being coastal/marine, subject to salt deposition and within 15km of the coast of Australia.


We manufacture AusClear doors using the highest quality materials available in the industry.

For high quality craftsmanship, choose from ClearShield’s award-winning aluminium security screen doors. These will prove as the ideal solution for your window security in the Perth Metro. You can expect these screens to provide a great range of unique benefits. They are, without a doubt, incomparable to any other security solution for windows on the market. Moreover, they are unlike most woven products used by all other suppliers.

We construct our innovative security doors from architectural grade aluminium. As a result, our doors are corrosion resistant and exceptionally strong. Remember to care for your AusClear doors with a moderate amount of maintenance. In this way, your doors will be able to retain their good looks and resist the elements for years to come.

AusClear doors need only a simple wash down to upkeep their appearance. Use a soft bristled brush paired with warm mains water and a mild detergent. You should note to always rinse your doors well to remove any detergent residue. Also, work to ensure that you flush all residue from the mesh retaining areas of the frame. You should only ever use mains water for this purpose. Recycled bore or tank water is unacceptable. Its use may lead to detrimental corrosion effects.

Take care to avoid exposing the main lock and auxiliary 3-point locks to excessive water. Moreover, never use strong detergents and abrasive cleaners to clean your AusClear doors. Doing so may scratch or damage the surface finish. Alongside this, it could also increase the likelihood of corrosion.

Needing to perform periodic lubrication of the main lock and auxiliary lock components? Ensure to use only graphite powder for the job. The use of liquid or aerosol lubricants can cause corrosion. Besides this, it may also damage the locking mechanism.

If you have any further questions on how to care for your AusClear doors, don’t hesitate to give Aus-Secure a call today.