At Aus-Secure, we provide the highly effective alarm systems Perth residents rely on. Our systems are easy enough for every member of the family to operate with permitted access control. They ensure to provide a level of simplicity and convenience the whole family will appreciate. For leading alarm systems, products and services in Perth, you can rely on your local experts at Aus-Secure.


As you choose and then improve your home, you should give your family as many advantages as possible.

Just as you would choose a location close to reputable schools, make renovations for accessibility or decorate to create a space you love, it’s important to decide which security alarm system is best for your Perth home.

It’s essential to ensure that your home stays a haven by investing in home security. At Aus-Secure, we can provide home alarm systems for every lifestyle, budget, and need. We can provide you with an impressive home security system that will not only keep you and your family safe and secure, but also give you peace of mind.

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We carry a wide range of security alarms Perth homeowners and businesses can rely on. Our main inventory consists of one of the most trusted alarm types on the market; the Vista family. Created by Honeywell, Vista panels give you peace of mind in an interface that is intuitive, cost-effective, and reliable. Some Vista panels have a standard keypad, however newer models feature a touchscreen for convenience. These products may look space-age, but don’t let that intimidate you. Being clear and easy to read, it’s simple enough for all members of the family to operate. Moreover, you’ll have prompts guiding you every step of the way. As such, Vista is a suitable choice for elders, adults and even children! Needless to say, you’ll be able to complete a variety of daily tasks with minimal effort. The panels rely on a powerful 5800 Series wireless transmitter, so you can control your entire house from a single location. Even better, you will also have the option available to arm/disarm your alarm remotely. Of course, this feature is sure to come in handy, especially for forgetful homeowners.


Honeywell offers many different types of Vista panels. This guarantees that our experienced technicians will be able to find one to suit your needs and budget. Vista panels offer options that include:
  • Alerts that come directly to you via a system pager or your smartphone
  • Remote control from a smartphone or system console
  • Zone-based arming, allowing you to keep the alarm on in vulnerable areas of your home at all times
  • Options for expansion for controlling external equipment
  • Programmable keys which you can program to turn on lights, open garage doors, etc.
Vista panels not only help to make your home more secure. Aside from this, they can also help to improve household communication. These systems come with solid system capabilities and versatile features. As a result, they can offer your family both comfort and convenience. Overall, they are sure to prove as a worthy addition to your home’s security system. So, when it comes to getting the alarm systems Perth residents can trust, you know who to call. Contact Aus-Secure to get started on putting together the ideal alarm system for your home!