5 Ways to Secure Your Garage from Burglars

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You can find a garage on almost every single property these days. No matter whether you use it as a parking space, a workshop, or a place to hoard all your old furniture, a garage is a multi-functional space that many homeowners couldn’t live without. Unfortunately, it can also be quite a vulnerable space for burglars to take advantage of. For that reason, it’s important to secure your garage properly from burglars: 

1. Keep It Closed

This may seem like the most obvious tip in the book. However, you’d be surprised to find how many homeowners actually leave their garage doors open during the day; especially when they’re doing handiwork, gardening, or some other task that requires them to go into the garage to grab tools and equipment. If your garage is facing the road, then leaving it open will give all drivers and passers-by a nice look into the interior of your garage- including all the expensive items you’ve got stored up in there. Whilst we’d recommend you avoid storing expensive items in your garage, as well as a number of other items, sometimes it’s unavoidable. You don’t want to give strangers any reason to put a target on your garage. So, pretend you’ve got stacks of gold bars hidden in your garage. You wouldn’t want the whole neighbourhood seeing that, would you? 

2. Lock Your Doors

This is mainly for the small number of homeowners who have an exterior side door leading into their garage, instead of one that leads directly into their home. However, if you do have an interior door, it’s incredibly important to keep that one locked as well. Locking exterior doors will prevent burglars from being able to sneak their way into your garage, but locking your interior door will prevent burglars from breaking into your home via your garage, which is undoubtedly more important. Keep in mind that for a desperate burglar with the right tools, a garage door would be as much of a barrier as a line of tape saying, “DO NOT ENTER”. You don’t want any stranger weaving their way into your home and putting the lives of you and your family members at risk. So, always remember to make a habit out of locking your doors. 

3. Keep the Remote Hidden

A lot of homeowners leave their garage door remotes clipped to the sun visor in their car. Of course, this may be the most convenient option for you. However, it’s also the place where burglars would most expect to find your remote. And even if they didn’t already have their presumptions, a quick glance into the interior of your car whilst it’s parked in the driveway would give them the key to your garage; a goldmine of expensive tools, equipment, and perhaps even appliances that thieves could sell to make a quick buck. Instead of keeping your remote in the car, try putting it with your house keys or in your handbag, so that you can always keep it with you.

4. Install a Wireless Keypad

On the other hand, you may be one of those forgetful homeowners who is hopeless at remembering where you last put things. In that case, installing a wireless keypad for your automatic garage door is the way to go. A wireless keypad will allow you to access your garage door using a code, rather than pressing a button. This may a lot less convenient than using an automatic opener, however it does provide you with additional security, and saves you from having to keep tabs on another important device. 

5. Install Security Cameras

Security cameras are an excellent deterrent for residential properties. So, if you have one installed near the entrance of your home, you can prevent burglars from trying to break into your garage (or, more importantly, your home). If you take further steps to secure your driveway, such as by installing a driveway gate, you can make your garage look even more undesirable towards potential thieves. 

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