5 Types of Security Doors for Perth Apartment Owners

Aus-Secure's Security Doors Perth

It doesn’t matter whether you live in a house or an apartment; home security products are a necessity in every circumstance. When you own your own home, it might be a little easier to identify potential intruders. Family members and neighbours can usually differentiate between a member of your neighbourhood and an outsider. In an apartment complex however, there’s an abundance of people who may enter and exit the premises day after day. As a result, you can lose track of who really lives there and who doesn’t. As it is with a house, it’s important to invest in the right security products in order to provide you with additional protection and security against potential intruders. And one of the simplest ways to start is by investing into some of the best options for security doors that Perth has available. 

Let us introduce you to five of the top security doors Perth residents can trust to protect their apartment!  

Aluminium Diamond-Grille Security Doors

These security doors are an ideal choice for homeowners on a budget. Manufactured from 7mm thick aluminium sheets and built according to stringent requirements, the aluminium diamond-grille security door offers a high level of strength and durability. Of course, don’t think for a second that its superior functionality means that you’ll be faced with a hefty price tag. We work to make doors like this strong and effective, yet affordable; meaning you won’t have to compromise on cheap, inadequate security doors for your apartment. 

AusClear Aluminium Security Screen Doors

Want something both strong and great looking? The AusClear aluminium security screen door may be the ideal product for you. This security screen door has been rigorously tested to meet Australian Standards AS5041-2003 for hinged security doors. Moreover, it has passed the knife shear test, dynamic impact test and the jemmy test. Needless to say, it’s fully capable of providing your apartment with the protection it requires. In addition to this, it promises to provide clarity of vision and a design that fits well into any application. 

ClearShield Stainless Steel Security Doors

If you’re looking for the ultimate when it comes to protecting your apartment, the ClearShield stainless steel security door is your ideal solution. Manufactured from only the highest quality materials available, this security door is designed to last and withstand against a range of factors. Being extensively tested beyond Australian standards and receiving incredible results each time, the features of this product are truly second to none. 

Decorative Doors

Many of the emerging apartment complexes have a focus on providing aesthetic appeal. Of course, a desire for good-looking products doesn’t have to mean sacrificing strength and functionality. At Aus-Secure, we supply a range of decorative doors that can be custom-made to suit the look of your apartment. Whilst these options will add to the aesthetics of your building, they are also sure to provide you with all the protection that you require.  

Sliding Security Doors

Choosing sliding doors for apartment balconies is a highly popular choice nowadays. Our sliding security doors have been cleverly designed and firmly built from some of the highest quality materials available. You can expect them to withstand whatever harsh weather conditions that are occurring outside your balcony. Moreover, you can trust in our sliding security doors to last on your balcony for many years to come, offering superior strength and reliability for an extended period of time.  

Trust Aus-Secure to Provide the Top Security Doors Perth has Available

If you’re looking for a top supplier of home security in Perth, you needn’t search any further. At Aus-Secure, we pride ourselves on being one of Western Australia’s leading providers of quality home security products. We supply the security doors Perth residents’ rate for strength and quality, along with a variety of security screens, gates, roller shutters, alarms, CCTV and more. You can always trust in us to find the ideal security solution for your specific needs and requirements.

For more information on the security doors Perth customers rate for strength and quality, contact Aus-Secure today!