5 Best Places to Install Security Cameras in Your House

Security Cameras Perth

Security cameras are a superb way to take your home security to the next level. Aside from offering you the opportunity to monitor your home from afar, they also act as an excellent deterrent against burglars. Needless to say, homeowners who have security cameras installed can expect to feel a lot more in the loop about what happens on their property when they’re not around.

If you want to maximise the practicality of your CCTV system, take note of these 5 best places to install security cameras on your property:  

1. Front Door

Contrary to what the films and movies will tell you, not a lot of burglars are that imaginative when it comes to breaking into homes. In fact, the vast majority of intruders use the front door, which might be surprising, considering how it’s the most obvious point of entry. Unfortunately, not all homeowners secure their front door as adequately as they should. This is why one of the best and most popular places to install a security camera is at the front door. In doing so, you’ll be able to know exactly who comes to visit when you’re not around. Furthermore, you’ll be able to keep tabs on any suspicious individuals who are lingering around your property. Just make sure that you place your security camera out of reach, and most importantly, in a place where light from sun won’t cause lens flare

2. Garage

A lot of Australian homes these days have garages attached, with interior doors that lead into the main living area. Aside from acting as a parking space, the garage also acts as a useful storage area for items such as garden tools, sports equipment, building materials, and even old electronics. This makes the home garage another vulnerable space for burglars to take advantage of. It’s also why you need to secure your garage properly, and placing a security camera inside is an excellent start.   

3. Back Door

Although most burglars enter into homes via the front door, you shouldn’t make the mistake of disregarding your back door. In fact, it’s a good idea to secure all your home’s entryways with security cameras. That way, you can leave no door left vulnerable for burglars to take advantage of. 

4. Facing the Front Door

Intruders will notice that you have security cameras installed on the outside of your home near your front and back doors. However, they will have no way of knowing exactly what security measures are waiting for them on the inside of your home. For this reason, one of the best places to install your security cameras is on the inside of your home, facing the front door. That way, if a burglar manages to avoid your exterior cameras as they break in (or if the footage is unclear), your interior cameras may still be able to pick up some worthwhile footage. 

5. Main Living Area

No matter what entryway an intruder uses to break into your home, it’s likely that they’ll come into the main living area at one point or another. This is what makes the main living area a great place to install a security camera. If you have kids or pets, you’ll also be able to keep an eye on them when you’re away from home more easily. 

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