4 Tips to Protect Your Sliding Doors from Intruders

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Most homeowners have sliding doors rather than hinged doors as their back and side doors. After all, sliding doors come with a plethora of benefits, especially when they’re made out of glass. Glass doors allow you to enjoy beautiful views of your own backyard, creating a seamless flow between the inside and outside of your home. They also allow you to save on space, supervise children or pets playing outside, and benefit from natural lighting. All of these things make sliding doors an ideal option for almost any space. However, their location and their fragile material can also make them a vulnerable entryway for burglars to take advantage of. 

Luckily, there are a few ways you can work to protect your sliding door against intruders. Below, we’ve listed our top 4 tips: 

1. Invest in Custom-Made Security Doors

Security doors are not only available as hinged for your front doors; you can also find them available as sliding. Custom security doors are a must-have over every sliding door, as they act as a durable shield over the glass. Keep in mind that it’s not only burglar attacks you have to protect your sliding glass doors from. Harsh weather conditions and elements can also pose a risk in some circumstances. Luckily, security doors are manufactured from strong and durable materials, in order to withstand against both. With these installed, you will also be able to benefit from added privacy, ventilation and pest-control. 

2. Install Alarm Sensors

If you have an alarm system installed, then you may also consider adding more sensors for your sliding doors, such as glass break sensors or door sensors. Glass break sensors as designed to trigger in response to the vibrations given off by breaking glass. On the other hand, door sensors are designed to trigger when the door is being forced open. Adding these to your home security system, along with motion sensors positioned close by to the door, means that you will be alerted immediately if anyone tries breaking into your home via your sliding doors. 

3. Apply Security Film

Security film is a shatterproof film applied over glass windows and doors in order to limit damages and buy you time in the event of a burglary. If an intruder tries to smash the door, the glass will break; however, the shards will stick to the film rather than separate and cause a mess. This can stop the burglar in their tracks and give you more time to respond to a break-in attempt.  

4. Add Window Coverings

Adding curtains or blinds to your sliding door is also very important, as this will allow you to maintain privacy levels and keep the prying eyes of strangers off your belongings. If your sliding doors are uncovered, anyone who peeks over the back of your fence will be able to take a quick geez at whatever valuable items you have stored inside your home. If they lock eyes on something worth stealing, they might just return back later to carry out the deed. Adding curtain or blinds will not only keep your valuables hidden. It will also add a touch of style of your sliding door, and allow you to keep out bright, natural lighting when you need to.

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