4 Tips for Using Ceiling Fans to Cool Your Home This Summer

4 Tips for Using Ceiling Fans This Summer

Sick of racking up enormous electricity bills each summer? Luckily, there’s a cheaper alternative to keeping your air-conditioner running all day long; and the answer is good old trusty ceiling fans! Of course, if you want to ensure that your fans run and cool your home as efficiently as possible, it’s worth taking note of a few handy tips and tricks:

1. Rotate Anticlockwise

If your ceiling fan has been rotating clockwise up until now, you might want to think about switching it up. You may not have previously thought that the direction of your ceiling fan had any impact on its efficiency. However, the truth is that running your fan anticlockwise during the summer can help you to feel cooler. How does it work? Well, when your fan runs anticlockwise, it creates a downdraft, meaning that the air beneath it pushes down to create a direct, cooling breeze. Alternatively, during the winter, rotating your ceiling fans clockwise pushes cold air up and forces warm air back down.

2. Turn it Off When You Leave

Unlike air-conditioners, ceiling fans aren’t designed to maintain a constant temperature throughout the home. Instead, they are designed to provide relief to whoever is beneath them. For that reason, there’s not much point in leaving your ceiling fans on once you’ve left the room. Although ceiling fans are already quite affordable to run (from as little as 2 cents per hour), it still pays to reduce your energy consumption where you can.

3. Install Them Outdoors

If you’ve got an outdoor entertainment area, then you should consider installing ceiling fans in your patio space. Unlike air-conditioning units, ceiling fans can also be used outdoor to provide relief by cooling the skin. An added benefit is that the moving air can also help to drive away insects. Add some mosquito coils or bug zappers alongside outdoor ceiling fans, and you can help to keep your outdoor space as pest-free and comfortable as possible.

4. Pair Them with Air-Conditioning

You’re probably thinking, ‘if the whole point of using ceiling fans is to save on electricity costs, then what’s the point of bringing an air-conditioning unit back into the equation?’ Well, the truth is that although ceiling fans are much cheaper to run than air-conditioners, they don’t necessarily cool the air in the room. Rather, they simply push air around, which means that they may not be as effective on extremely hot and humid days where you’re lying on the couch and suffering in a pool of sweat. If you already have an air-conditioning unit, then you might consider getting a ceiling fan installation. By using these two in combination with each other (and in a smart manner- not just running the two together at the same time), you can still ensure to save on electricity costs while keeping your home cool and comfortable.

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