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Clearshield Stainless Steel Doors & Screens


Safeguard Your Home with Security Doors and Windows in Perth

Your home shelters everything that matters in your life, so you do what you can to keep it safe. You lock the doors after you leave, and you don't advertise your holidays on social media or even in casual conversation. However, you know that even if you lock your doors and windows during work hours at nighttime, a determined intruder could still break in.

Fortify your home’s defenses with Aus Secure. We offer a number of products, including security doors and windows for your Perth property. We have served families just like yours since 1988, so you can count on our experience as we meet your security needs.

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We make our security doors and screens with perforated aluminium mesh or tempered aluminium grilles. Both options reliably prevent intrusion. We also offer ClearShield stainless steel doors and screens if you need added security. These doors and screens have a unique design that guards against knife attacks, heavy impacts and even recurring heavy impacts.

We custom make our security solutions to fit your individual needs. We also ensure our products conform to Australian Standards AS5039-2008.

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If you have any questions about security doors and windows in Perth, call us on 08 9337 5770. Our fully trained sales representatives will gladly help you find the right security solutions for your home. 

We also invite you to browse the rest of our website for more information.

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While most clear vision screen products consist of a woven mesh type screen, ClearShield stands alone in being a patented Stainless Steel Perforated security screen product. It is this unique design that sets it apart from its competitors. 

  • Knife attack
  • Extreme Impact
  • Extreme Repetitive Impact

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